How can a local business compete online?

Ranking being so valuable, how does a true biz owner that offers a legitimate business and has a vast number of customers supposed to gain the traffic “deserved” over those that specialize in creating traffic? Is it supposed to be this hard for us?
GrowthWill, Arkansas

Tip: Online Marketing (Search Engine Marketing) levels the playing field for everybody. As a business, if you have built a great customer base, think of ways you can make it easier for your inbound customers to find helpful information on your website then, think about making easier to for the search engines to make that information available for their users. You want to include valuable information that solves your customers problems, this will encourage them to visit your site more and more to find the valuable information also, they will be more likely to bookmark and share your site to their community.

Think of your website as your online store front. In general when customers visit your location, it is because you offer something that helps them solve a problem.

So using that experience, you can predict what kind of information your future customers might search for online, and make sure to include that valuable information on your website…

The very important second step is to be sure that your website is indexed by Google search engine or which ever search engine you want your site to be found on.

Google offers great tools to make sure local business owners here in Edmonton Alberta or anywhere else in the world can monitor their business’s online performance; Google Webmaster Tool and Google My Business are good examples of such tools.

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